Frequently Asked Questions

1. To obtain CEU's for a webinar, you must be registered for the webinar, attend the entire presentation, and if you're a member it is free, if not there is a $50 fee. Please look under the Webinar tab on the menu and fill out the request. If you are a member, be sure to login to your account before you make the request. A certificate will be e-mailed to you within 5-7 business days. 

2. If you would like to obtain a PDF version of a previous webinar, please login to your account and look under the Webinar tab on the menu. This is only available to current AFAA members.

3. Recorded versions of previous webinars are free to members and $50 for non-members. If you would like a previously recorded webinar, please look under the Webinar tab on the menu, be sure to login to your account to avoid the fee if you're a member. 

4. How long is the NICET test? - The time permitted to complete the new computer-based Fire Alarm Systems' tests are as follows:

Level I - 120 Minutes
Level II - 160
Level III - 160
Level IV - 180

5. What can I bring to the test center? - Depending on which test you are taking, you are allowed to bring a limited number of references:

Level I - NFPA 70-2008 & NFPA 72-2007
Level II - NFPA 70-2008, NFPA 72-2007, & IBC 2006
Level III - NFPA 70-2008, NFPA 72-2007, NFPA 101-2006, & IBC 2006
Level IV - NFPA 72-2007, NFPA 101-2006, & IBC 2006

6. Are practice tests available? - Yes, you can purchase a 50-question Fire Alarm System practice test for levels I - IV:

Level I - $45.00
Level II - $50.00
Level III - $55.00
Level IV - $60.00

7. Can I take the computer-based test online? - No, the exam is administered at a proctored testing center managed by Pearson VUE.

8. How much does it cost to get NICET certified? - The cost is split between testing and certification. See below for a list of fees: 

Level I - 
Test: $120.00
Certification: $100.00

Level II -
Test: $150.00
Certification: $150.00

Level III - 
Test: $180.00
Certification: $150.00

Level IV - 
Test: $210.00
Certification: $150.00

9. How do I apply for NICET certification? - Visit the NICET website and download the application package.

For more information, please visit

10. How much experience is required for NICET certification? - Depending upon the level you are seeking, 3 months to 10 years of relevant fire alarm experience is required for certification in fire alarm systems. Please see below for a breakdown between the levels of certification:

Level I - 3 Months
Level II - 2 Years
Level III - 5 Years 
Level IV - 10 Years 

11. For the Battery Calculations, please click here and the Horn and Strobe Worksheet, please click here.

12. Heat Detector and Smoke Detector Spacing and Mounting Location Matrix, please click here