Jensen Hughes is offering discount codes for free training! There is one code per training bundle. The listing of each class is at the bottom of this message. This is an exclusive offer for our AFAA members for the next 60 days. This expires on June 1, 2020

Log-in instructions are here:

Visit JENSEN HUGHES Academy and click the ‘Sign Up’ button

2. Create login and click on the ‘Account’ tab

3. Enter access codes (all can be applied to an account):

4. Visit the ‘My Courses’ section to view all enrolled courses.

Available courses for the next 60-days:

Fire Alarm System Operation and Inspection, Testing and Maintenance

• Fire Alarm System Functions

• Basic Signal and Circuit Means

• Introduction to Initiating Devices

• Notification Appliances

• Heat Detectors

• Smoke Detectors

• Introduction to Specialized Fire Detectors

• Supervisory Initiating Devices

• Power Supplies

• Fire Alarm Plan and Code Requirements

• Fire Alarm System Testing

• Fire Alarm Inspection and Maintenance

Fire Suppression Systems

• Fire Behavior- Introduction to Fire Suppression

• Sprinkler System Basics

• Introduction to Automatic Sprinklers and Sprinkler Heads

• Automatic Sprinkler Inspection, Testing & Maintenance

• Occupancy and Commodity Classifications

• Planned Sprinkler System Impairments

• Introduction to Clean Agents

• Dry-Pipe Systems

• Special Sprinkler Systems

• Water Supply Requirements

• Introduction to Fire Pumps

• Periodic Fire Pump Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance

Smoke Control Bundle

• Nature of Smoke

• Module 1: Pressurization Smoke Control Systems

• Module 2: Smoke Control Systems for Large Volume Spaces

• Module 3: Commissioning Smoke Control Systems

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Note to FL fire alarm and electrical contractors- to get CEU credit, when you complete the AFAA Fire Alarm Fundamentals course, you must contact the AFAA office and provide a copy of your certificate of completion so it can be updated to reflect the ECLB course ID and the correct number of hours (7 technical). If you do not do so, ECLB will not give you the CEU's.

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