Automatic Fire Alarm Association Membership FAQ's

If you have a question about membership or your profile, it may be answered below. Check out our frequently asked questions about these topics. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our office.

Q: I want to change my password or I forgot my password. How do I do this?

A: From our homepage, navigate to the login section. Click on "Reset Password" and an e-mail will provide you with a link to reset your password. Please note, this link does expire after 24 hours.

Q: I'm trying to reset my password but when I request a reset password link, I'm not receiving the e-mail. It's not in my spam folder either.

A: If you are trying to reset your password, but you're not getting an e-mail or receiving a blank e-mail, this means that your e-mail address is in the system already but not set as your username. We have to adjust this on our end, so please e-mail us at [email protected] and we will fix it for you. We will also send you another reset password link so you can gain access to your profile.

Q: What if I don't know my username associated with my account?

A: From our homepage, navigate to the login section. Click on "Retrieve Username" and an e-mail will provide you with your username. If you do not receive an e-mail with your username, please contact our office so we can adjust your account.

Q: I'm trying to register a new account, but I'm getting an error message that my e-mail is already in use. How do I fix this?

A: If you are getting an error message that your e-mail is already in use, please contact our office. This is something we have to adjust on our end. You can e-mail us at [email protected] to have this fixed.

Q: I'm a current member, but I'm not showing member pricing for a training seminar that I am trying to register for. Why is that?

A: If you have an open invoice for membership, membership pricing will not be reflected until the invoice is showing as paid. Once the invoice is paid, membership expires a year from that date.

Q: My profile shows that my member status is active, but I'm not receiving member pricing on the website.

A: If you don't see member pricing but your profile shows that your "Member Status" is active, look at the "Member Type" to ensure that you are an active member. Shown in the picture is a "Prospect" profile which is not one of our membership categories. Those new members who have an open invoice will show as a prospect until the invoice is marked as paid but if you don't have an open invoice then you will have to join as a member again.

Q: My membership is lapsed, how do I renew my membership when this happens?

A: Once your membership has lapsed, you can no longer access your AFAA profile. Using your existing profile, you will need to fill out our membership application again like you are a new member and it will pick up your renewal. Once payment is made for membership, you will be a current member and able to access your profile.

"My Profile" FAQ's

If you have questions about your profile and how-to do things on it, your questions may be answered below. We get a lot of questions regarding profiles and where to go. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have a different issue or need additional help.

Q: How do I pay my invoice online?

Q: How do I update my contact information on my profile?