The Automatic Fire Alarm Association has various individual membership levels. Each level has the same member benefits but the annual pricing may vary. We also offer a 3-year membership at a discounted rate from our standard 1-year individual membership. If you are looking for more than one membership, check out our corporate sponsorship levels that include other options:

Club 72 Corporate Sponsorship

Membership begins the day you pay and expires one-year from that date. 90 days prior to your expiration date, you will receive an automated renewal notice to begin the renewal process. We have plenty of resources available to help you with that, so please don't hesitate to check out the membership FAQ page.

AFAA Membership FAQ

Automatic Fire Alarm Association currently has 1,371 individual members; ranging from AHJ's to retirees. Here is a current breakdown of our individual membership.

  • AHJ (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) – 429 Members
  • One-Year & Three-Year Active Individuals – 625 Members
  • Club 72 Representatives – 258 Members
  • Government Employee – 33 Members
  • International – 3 Members
  • Retiree – 16 Members
  • Student – 7 Members

AFAA Member Benefits:


  • Webinars offered throughout the year on various relevant topics with free CEU's for members.
  • Access to our Learning Management System and earn CEU's from a previously recorded webinar at no cost.
  • Discounts available to members for online training.
  • NICET preparation courses available.
  • Opportunity to apply for a position on one of our technical committees if an opening presents itself.

Technical Expertise

  • Access to industry leading experts for technical expertise.
  • Representation on multiple ICC and NFPA technical committees, including NFPA 72, and NFPA 101.
    • For a full list visit:
AFAA Technical Committee List
Annual Meeting
  • Special pricing available to members for attendance. 
  • Social networking opportunities.
  • Relevant, diverse training agenda.
  • Opportunity to acquire CEU's.
  • Exhibition showcasing products, associations and other industry partners.
  • Business meeting where if present, all members have voting rights.


  • Members have the opportunity to apply for a position on our Board of Director's.
  • Discounts on forms. 
  • Association social media platforms.
  • AFAA Breakfast at the NFPA Conference.

Individual Membership Levels:

Active 1-year: $195

  • 1-year active individual membership

Active 3-year: $525.00

  • 3-year active individual membership. 10% discount over annual price 

AHJ: $25.00

  • Includes all code officials responsible for code compliance or with AHJ discretionary powers in federal, state, or local government agencies*

Student: $25.00

  • Any full-time student enrolled in a high school, technical school, community college, or university in a certificate or degree program with an interest in AFAA

Government Employee: $100.00

  • Includes non-AHJ Federal, State, and Local Agencies/Governments and Public and Private higher education (colleges and universities), K-12, and other similar institutions

International: $195.00

  • Any active individual member located outside of the United States or its territories

Retiree: $25.00

  • Any active individual who transitions into retired status and who wishes to remain connected with AFAA

*Membership is subject to approval

If you are trying to join as a member, but you are having troubles creating an account or logging on to an existing account, please contact our office. This is a common issue with our change in websites, so you are not alone. Membership is not refundable. Please note, membership is not transferable. If you request an invoice for membership upon signing up, membership benefits do not kick until the invoice is showing as paid. Once membership has lapsed, you will no longer have access to your profile. You must fill out the membership application again to renew. Please contact us if you need any assistance with becoming a member, we are happy to help you through the process.

For more information on membership FAQ's, please visit:
AFAA Membership FAQ