Automatic Fire Alarm Association Club 72

Club 72 is a unique program that offers corporate sponsors the opportunity to support the mission of Automatic Fire Alarm Association and the fire alarm industry, while also obtaining valuable training and membership benefits for their organization and employees.
AFAA currently has 106 active Club 72 members from all over the United States with at least one company per member level that we offer. Here is a current breakdown of our Club 72 members.
  • 1 Diamond Member – Click here to view those companies
  • 2 Emerald Members - Click here to view those companies
  • 1 Sapphire Member - Click here to view those companies
  • 5 Platinum Members - Click here to view those companies
  • 8 Gold Members - Click here to view those companies
  • 4 Silver Members - Click here to view those companies
  • 85 Business Members - Click here to view those companies

Some of the benefits you will receive with Club 72 are:

  • Company Training Subscription - Pre-pay for a year to provide employees access to training

# of Attendees
Annual Fee
10 Attendees/Year $2,750
20 Attendees/Year
30 Attendees/Year $6,750
60 Attendees/Year $12,000
100 Attendees/Year $17,500
  • Discounted pricing on instructor led training seminars

  • Free CEUs for attending a live webinar AND you can now earn CEUs after watching a previously recorded webinar through our AFAA Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Recognition on our website

Club 72 Level Annual Fee Points
Diamond $20,000 1,000
Emerald $15,000 750
Sapphire $10,000 500
Platinum $5,000 250
Gold $2,500 125
Silver $1,000 60
Business $500 -


If you are trying to join as a member, but you are having troubles creating an account or logging on to an existing account, please contact our office. This is a common issue with our change in websites, so you are not alone. Membership is not refundable. Please note, membership is not transferable. Your three individual members can only be switched upon renewal time unless there is a change within your company. If you request an invoice for membership upon signing up, membership benefits do not start until the invoice is showing as paid. Once membership has lapsed, you will no longer have access to your profile. You must fill out the membership application again to renew. Please contact us if you need any assistance with becoming a member, we are happy to help you through the process.