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AFAA Anouncement!!

We have made some changes regarding registering for a training seminar with us! 

Registration is now through our new website! The process is very simple, if you are a member with us and have your account set it up it will give you member pricing, including the three or more discount listed above. If you are a member but you haven't set up your new profile, please contact our office and we will assist  you with that. If you aren't a member, you will get the three or more discount just the same, just at non-member pricing. If you aren't sure whether or not you're a current member of AFAA, please contact our office and we can help you with that also! 

To receive the three or more discount, please choose yes or not when asked, it will switch the pricing due to your selection. Once you have finished with the first attendee, please choose "Register Guest." Then enter all the information for the second and the same for the third or more if there are more than three. If you need any assistance, please call our office. We are happy to help get you registered for a training seminar with us! Thank you!

Moving forward, we are requesting that each attendee pay with a credit card for the training seminars. If you need an invoice, please contact our office directly at 844-438-2322 or e-mail us at [email protected] Certificates will be e-mailed as a PDF once the training seminar is completed. If you have any questions, please contact our office. Thank you! 

AFAA is happy to announce we have published our NEW online store! 

Look under the "AFAA Store" tab on the menu and click "AFAA Online Store" to check it out!


Our mission is to be the foremost industry advocate organization dedicated to improving the quality, reliability and value of Fire and Life-Safety Systems.

AFAA Vision Statement

The AFAA mission is accomplished by focusing activity in the following areas: 

  • Developing and delivering high quality training and educational programs
  • Promoting code compliant installations
  • Advocating thorough and proper inspection and tests
  • Working with legislative bodies in the development of ordinances
  • Promoting automatic fire detection as an integral part of a balanced fire protection solution
  • Supporting competency for designers, technicians, and testing personnel
  • Increasing public awareness of benefits and importance of fire and life-safety systems
  • Advancing the cause of automatic fire alarm system reliability
  • Gaining respect from all involved with Codes and Standards as an entity that supports “doing the right thing”
  • Enhancing the fire alarm industry through professional training and educational programs
  • Protecting the fire alarm industry from erosion by other interests
  • Working to synergize efforts with other industry segments and organizations (NEMA, SFPE, CCFS, NFPA, NICET, NFSA, AFSA, FSSA, etc.)
  • Promoting the proper application of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to reduce fire deaths

Training Accreditation and Recognition 

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