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 Upcoming Live Online Fire Alarm Training




Registration for online training seminars will be open soon. We apologize for the delay but we've ran into some technical issues with switching websites that are out of our control.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to [email protected] with any questions.

Intermediate Detection Systems

Merton Bunker Seminar postponed..

Inspection and Testing
Updated to the 2019 Edition!

Art Black October 10th & 12th

Fire Alarm Plan Review

Brad Cronin October 24th & 26th

A User’s Guide to Simplifying NFPA 72 and the NEC

Tom Parrish

November 14th & 16th

Understanding the Fire Alarm Requirements of the International Building Code

Brad Cronin

December 5th & 7th

Fire Alarm Fundamentals

Merton Bunker December 12th & 14th

Please contact [email protected] with any training inquiries or questions.

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Who are we?

Automatic Fire Alarm Association (AFAA) is the only not-for-profit association exclusively focused on the fire alarm industry. Founded in 1953 in Chicago, Illinois by a mixed group of contractors, engineers and manufacturers. It grew to be a two-tiered organization (National and Local) in 1987 when Larry Neibauer became Executive Director. AFAA now has several local Member Associations representing 25+ states nationwide. Membership consists of manufacturers, consulting engineers, distributors, AHJ's and end users. For more information on the history of AFAA, head over to our 'About Us' page!

Our Vision:

Automatic Fire Alarm Association is the leading advocate for the fire alarm and emergency communications industry.

What is our Mission?

To help save lives by empowering the fire alarm and emergency communications industry through code development, education, advancements in technology and leveraging research.